Rahul Kapur, MD

Rahul Kapur, MD, is a primary care provider specializing in family and hospital medicine. Dr. Kapur practices integrative medicine, a patient-centered approach focused on patients’ whole health – body, mind, and spirit.

An interest in biology, the human body and personal health led Dr. Kapur into medicine. The “privilege and honor” of patients allowing him in on their life stories over the years has made Dr. Kapur realize caring for patients is more than a job he enjoys – it’s his calling.

Dr. Kapur’s compassionate approach to patient care and makes KC Primary Care a good fit. Concierge medicine allows him to spend quality time with patients, helping them feel heard and “truly seen.”

Dr. Kapur’s favorite aspect of his work is educating patients so they can better care for their health and wellness, whether they have a routine illness or deal with a chronic condition.

“I will never know your body as well as you do,” Dr. Kapur says. “My job is to help you discover and maintain a connection with your physical and mental self.”

When he’s not working, Dr. Kapur enjoys spending time with his kids, working out and reading.

Erin Britton, RN, FNP-C

As a board certified family nurse practitioner, Erin Britton, RN, FNP-C, provides primary care for patients of all ages. Erin also provides inpatient hospital care at St. Luke’s Health System.

As a college graduate, Erin moved to Kansas City from Tennessee to put her finance degree to work in sales. Her employer had a focus on health and wellness, which sparked Erin’s interest in healthcare. After four years in the business world, she left to earn a nursing degree and an advanced degree as a nurse practitioner.

Erin appreciates how concierge medicine with KC Primary Care gives her quality time to build relationships and earn her patients’ trust. With a focus on health and wellness, Erin helps patients learn about their health. “We want to try and prevent illness or disease before it starts, when possible,” she says.

Erin and her patients work together to create health goals and plans that are right for them.

“I thrive by helping people become happier and healthier,” Erin says. “I want to inspire a passion for health in my patients so they can have the best health outcomes possible.”

Erin is a wife and mother of two daughters and enjoys travel and exercise. She’s a lover of all things outside, especially the beach, her “happy place.”