Patient Advantages

Concierge Medicine is a contemporary approach to the doctor/ patient relationship. The relationship between patient and physician is enhanced since the patient is directly communicating with their doctor.  The patient has more direct and timely access, allowing for same/next day appointments and longer visits allowing focus on preventative health. Always call if you have an urgent need and leave a voicemail. Please allow for up to 24hrs to return nonurgent calls/texts/emails.

According to a physicians’ survey, Americans wait approximately 24-days to see a new doctor. And once they schedule a consultation, they often sit for hours waiting to be seen for an appointment that typically lasts 18-minutes. At KC Primary Care Concierge, our mission is to eliminate the wait by providing accessible medical assistance with same-day appointments, minimized wait times and longer exam times, through telehealth and direct primary care.


KC Primary Care Concierge is among the most qualified medical providers in the Kansas City area with years of quality training and experience. With Dr. Rahul Kapur’s specialization in hospital medicine, we offer a wide array of expert assistance – along with the help of our dedicated staff.

We Accept Insurance

Our office is in-network with most insurance plans.

Minimize Wait Time

With greater appointment availability, and accessibility virtual and in-person, our patients have little to no wait time.

House Visits

In-home care provides access to immediate care in the comfort and privacy of your home!

Qualified Medical Providers

With years of medical experience and specialized training, we are experts in our fields.

Setting You Up For Success

Treatments are built on patient-doctor relationship and education to ensure a patient-tailored treatment plan.

Longer Time With Doctor

Average one-hour doctor-patient encounter, rather than 5-minute visits with PCP.

Personalized Care

Enhanced healthcare through regular check-ups and personalized wellness plans.